International Conference on Creativity and Innovation, Lisbon, Portugal, July 3-5, 2017

The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) is committed to the development of all learners as productive world citizens and leaders for the future. This International Conference will provide a conference programme with the highest calibre of: Nobel Prize winners, keynote speakers, invited speakers, and a large number of scholars and presenters alongside a selection of exhibitors

The ICIE conferences are milestones in the journey towards leadership, creativity and innovation in basic-higher education and psychology.

Conference Aims and Objectives:

  • Encourage volunteer spirit;
  • Promote excellence and sustain quality;
  • Connecting Communities;
  • Strive for improvement;
  • Evolve responsibly;
  • Meet community expectations of quality;
  • Sustain competitiveness and viability; and
  • Balance innovation with core essentials.

Executive Committee Election Dates

The Executive Committee election will be held on May 20, 2017 and concluded May 30, 2017. The positions to be contested are those of the President, Treasurer and the Secretary.

Candidates wishing to contest for the elections need to submit their CVs and brief letter outlining their expected contributions to AFGT, if elected, and their future plans. They must be members of the federation by 30 March 2017.

The deadline for submission is 15th April 2017.

Once details are received, qualified candidates will be notified and posted online for members to review them and vote. Please submit to

Talent Ambassador, Envoys and Delegates

Each African country is eligible to nominate a Talent Envoy and a Talent Delegate.

A Talent Envoy performs advocacy in a country with support of his or her nominated sub-Talent envoys. As such they organize forums during which matters relating to talent are discussed and explained to members and the general public.

A Talent Delegate is responsible for the recruitment of Federation Members in a country and works with the Talent Envoy towards realizing talent advocacy matters. Naturally, a Talent Delegate would emerge from the sub-Talent envoys in the country.

A Talent Ambassador is nominated and ratified by the Executive Committee and represents the federation throughout the continent, working with Talent Envoys and Delegates. They are highly respected as they deal with governments and senior people within the continent.

The Talent Ambassador, Talent Envoys and Delegates attend and participate in international forums organized by the World Council for Gifted and Talented.

A number of countries have completed have completed the processing of nomination and have until  15th April 2017 to complete .

For more information, please contact us via email

Gifted Africa Awards Galore

The Gifted Africa Awards Galore is set for 5th November, 2017.

It must be pointed out that Gifted Africa Awards is not the same as the usual “see by eye” or “financially inclined” Talent Awards by various bodies pretending to know about talent yet they have neither resources nor abilities to conduct a Gift and Talent Assessment in the first place, much as they may sometimes be right on individual talents.

The Gifted Africa Awards 2017 will, for the first time, be based on scientifically sustainable methods hence professionally backed. The federation, having the tools and internationally acclaimed methods will declare “Real Talent” and “Real Giftedness”, while rewarding Africa’s real gifts instead of mere spots of talents.

Online applications open 1st July 2017 and will close 31st August 2017. Candidates should prepare brief biography of themselves citing challenges while trying to understand and use their talents or gifts. It should further have breakthroughs and evidences (pictorial) of the successes and references to YouTube.

International Journal for Giftedness

The latest version of the above journal is available for FREE in electronic medium and at a fee on print media. Please contact us via email for a copy.

2017 Gifted Africa Scholarships

The AFGT recognizes the latent potentials of Africa’s gifted and applauds their efforts in shaping political, economic and social destiny of Africa.

The scholarships will go a long way in enhancing these talents. Scholarships are either for further learning or investment in the area of “validated” talent of giftedness

This year’s scholarships will be declared on 5th September, 2017


Please contact us via email to get more information.