Envisage an Africa with a novel and proficient education and learning systems; a system that promotes innovation and eschews rhetoric theories.

A system that is well designed and calculated to avert the continent from the backlash of brain drain and lack of specialization;

One that is devoid of rigid policies that devour upon the fabric of the gifted and talented in our continent.

In most western countries, the gifted and talented are renowned and have thus achieved exploits in many fields; suffice to say that most of the world’s greatest inventions are from their soils. Names like Bill Gates (the genius behind computer giant Microsoft) and Albert Einstein (a celebrated physicist) are just but the few household names in the world of innovations. Notably, most of these geniuses do not have great academic achievements, but instead had an effective and efficient path that led them to actualize their talents.

Africa is unfortunately lethargic and continues to wallow in its yesterday’s economic, political and social problems.

With its rigid educational systems, the ability for students to create, invent and think-out -of -the box lay wasted and ultimately killed. Perhaps it is accurate that African cemeteries are the most affluent (where all potential is buried).

Unfamiliar to many in our continent today, is the fact that just like the West, Africa too has gifted and talented people albeit unsung heroes and heroines.

It is for this reason that this institution seeks to transition the conventional mindset to pave way for creativity and self actualization.

It is indeed regrettable that the familiar adage “everyone is gifted but most people never open the package” is a profound reflection in our society today.

We bring to Africa the most recent and modern scientific resources and professional knowledge that will bridge the gap between the developed and the undeveloped.


  • If you are taking a course without knowing your true talent, then you are not different from someone swimming in an ocean without a destination
  • If you are parent taking your child  to school without knowing  his/her talent, then you are not different from a businessman/woman who invests blindly without a business plan and a forecast of the anticipated results
  • If you are a teacher and planning to teach a student today without knowing his /her talent,  then you are not different from a doctor providing an injection to a patient without any medical review


In this Century and Today, you can foretell the ability or career prospect of a 4 year child, 20-30 years in advance, scientifically and professionally…


We have the tools and resources that will just do that!


Are you doing the course of your ability and desire or have you just succumbed to your relatives or friends course desires?

Has society judged you as a stupid failure due to low school grades, yet you know you have potentials in other ways? Do you think low grades due to sickness; lack of fees, and panic in exams can mean one is stupid?

Are you aware that as an adult, you also possess “ mature talent” , coupled with work and life experience ; and that this can be evaluated and converted into academic credits that would earn you direct exemptions and achieve your bachelors or masters degree sooner?

Are you tired of cramming and recalling huge chunks of lecturer’s notes? Are you aware of Talent Based Learning that focuses on your natural ability hence not judged by your failure in a 2-hour written examination?

Would you like to sell your land or cattle for your child’s education only for him or her to re-join you in daily struggles, in the same ‘old’ house?

Do you need an education system or a degree certificate that enables you to search for a job for years , on completion, before you give up to do what did not require to have a degree?

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The African Federation for the Gifted and Talented (AFGT) was created through efforts related to Millennium Learning Targets which focuses on modern education techniques. The Federation operates as a charity and organized into country organs which are coordinated by an Executive Secretariat. The Executive Secretariat is governed by The Federation President, Federation Treasurer, and The Federation Secretary General. The main objective of The African Federation for the Gifted and Talented is to provide advocacy/ a loud voice for Africa’s Gifted and Talented in consultation with The World Talent Federation.

Gift and Talent Testing (also known as Professional & Scientific Talent Screening) is the process of determining a person’s innate  potential in a particular or groups of aspects. This may include an academic subject or course, but not limited to these, as talent may exclude intellectual ability. The Gift and Talent Testing involves Oral Screening, Psycho-Screening by approved experts. It is further enhanced for accuracy through Anthropo-biometric Machine Screening; a biometric machine that uses safe white light ( not X-Ray) to produce “Body Models” that are interpreted by experts to confirm  “Talent Genres” and “Talent Domains”.

In Africa, education is still a routine whereby students cram/ memorizes tutors’ notes and reproduce them onto foolscaps during examinations. At the end, we produce individuals with certificates, but which have no correlation with expectations of work organizations.

Many people still merely associate talent with performance in education (or sports or music, etc ) , while excluding innate aspects of a person that may not really connect with education BUT have the power to wow and wake up the inner whole.

In developed countries such as USA, UK, Canada and etc, Gift and Talent Testing is conducted on individuals in order to determine their experiential knowledge before admission in order to enable them know their real careers many years in advance. Such can be seen in sports men and women who spend 2 hours in class but 6 or more hours on a tennis court, for example, where their talents lie.

For learning and general education, professional  identification/ screening  for  natural Gifts or Talents is essential in determination of the true career dimensions; otherwise we will continue pushing the learners through a single pipe and expect them to be different in the end.

  • If a Gift or Talent is identified in a child/ student at an early age, parents will be able to identify possible career paths hence will be able to know the right time, money and effort required to make him/her successful. This is very important for children at Reception Years i.e. those in Early Childhood Education. This vulnerable group must be assessed and their abilities known beforehand so that they are not forced into what they would naturally never learn. It is important, further, to note that such children may have a learning defect which may only be discovered too late into learning when no real remedy can take place!


  • Gifted and Talented children/ students will get sponsorship by international bodies for further and relevant education since it is known that they possess unique abilities that would shape the societal, political and economic destiny of nations.

Without a professional and scientific assessment and final reports and prescriptions, your child will remain locked out of international support as their details will not be at the International Database.

  • Parents would essentially know the right education or talent support for his/her child hence decide effectively where it can be achieved.
  • In other words, through Gift and Talent Testing, you can forecast your child’s career 10 -20 years early, hence plan productively.
  • For adults, you will be able to review and enrich your career by knowing “what else you are good in”, away from current employment, qualifications or business.